Padre Canyon Foods
Catering and Events

Small Catering

Less than 20 people

The Chef works with you to create a seasonal, well rounded flavor profile that suits your event, buys ingredients, prepares the meal off-site and brings the finished food to your home or venue. A front of the house service staff professional brings appetizer or buffet serviceware, beverages and manages any rentals, delivery and cleaning of plates and silverware and glassware as necessary. The chef may trim a fresh salad, finish a sauce or toast hot items at your location to ensure the quality of the dishes. The team keeps the food at temperature, removes the service ware, cleans up the service area and takes any trash with them.

Because of the small size of this type of group that requires significant preparation and equipment, Small Catering is more expensive than typical catering. Your fees cover the food, the labor, the equipment and the transport for the whole event.

A typical price range for appetizers starts at $25 a person and buffet dinner starts at $40 plus 15% service, tax and tip.

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