Padre Canyon Foods
Catering and Events

We Love Chefs

We think it’s amazing to talk with a Chef to create a special menu using seasonal, local ingredients and creating a cohesive flavor profile while accommodating today’s dietary needs. We think people need more direct, easy access to Chefs for all kinds of events.

We match you and your event to our local Chefs and then we support you both with catering services.

Talk to us - tell us about your event, budget and dietary profile. We know our culinary team, their specialties, personalities and schedules and we get you connected directly to your Chef. Once you have decided on your menu, our service team takes care of the planning, contracts, rentals, payment, logistics, and all of the true catering services on the day of your event. You will always get responses quickly and specific to you and your event.

We also support your dream event. Tell us your vision. Challenge us. We may surprise you!